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The designated AIR's work will be incorporated into the overall store display and will be on sale for the duration of his/her tenure as Artist in Residence.      


            Artist In Residence

AIR is our way of recognizing local talent  and helping energize the Fresno art scene while fostering a sense of community between artists and the general public.


The Artist in Residence designation will be awarded on a quarterly basis to an individual (or a collaboration of two or more artists) who shows exceptional talent and promise in their respective artistic media. The recipient(s) will hold the title for 3 months, corresponding with each of the four seasons of the year. (For example, Summer AIR 2017, Autumn AIR 2017, etc.) The AIR designation comes with the following opportunities:

-FIRST MONTH: The AIR will be featured in a solo exhibit of his/her work at Parabolic on the first Thursday of the month (coinciding with Fresno Art Hop.)

-SECOND MONTH: The AIR winner will be featured in a joint show on the first Thursday of the month, again coinciding with Fresno Art Hop. The joint show will feature the current AIR's work in conjunction with the work of another artist of his/her choosing. The guest artist will be someone whose work the AIR admires or whose point of view he/she finds challenging. Ideally, the guest artist’s work will be in a medium different than the AIR’s, or, if in the same medium, it should have a distinctly different style. For example, the AIR’s photography is exhibited with a live performance of original music composed by the guest. Or, an AIR's bucolic landscape paintings are contrasted to gritty photos of urban poverty, and so forth.

-THIRD MONTH: The AIR and Parabolic will pair up to do a show of collaborative work, ideally exploring the application of the AIR’s art to the embellishment or reinterpretation of utilitarian or decorative household objects. For example, the creation of a series of room dividers or folding screens embellished with silkscreened images by the photographer, or a series of upholstered chairs with hand-painted fabric by the artist.



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