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This is a need-based financial assistance scholarship in the form of a cash award. 


Scholarships ranging from $500 - $1500 will be awarded annually. The total number of scholarships awarded each year may vary based on number of applicants and amounts needed. .


The scholarship is intended to benefit students in the Fresno, California public school system whose artistic development has been (or stands to be) negatively impacted by the reduction or elimination of their school's arts curriculum due to government budget cuts. Eligible recipients must be enrolled in a Fresno public elementary, middle or high school.


The funds must be used to pay for such things as private lessons in music, dance, fine arts, etc., or for any art-related expenses not covered by  a public school as part of its arts budget. (For example, the cost of renting or buying a musical  instrument, if said instrument is not furnished by the school for its band members.)

If recipients do well and wish to continue with their lessons  for more than one year, they are encouraged to re-apply.  

For additional information or to request an application, please contact Tony Fernandez at Parabolic.

To contribute to the scholarship through Parabolic's campaign, click

"donate,"and type GHC on the donation form under the comments section. Your donation will be added to the funds which will use to establish the scholarship. Thanks!

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